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Christmas Theme. Hotel Gothia Towers. Register here

Next event

Christmas Theme. Hotel Gothia Towers. Register here

About us

We are today approx. 70 members working for different companies that are located alongside Sweden’s west coast (Gothenburg, Mölndal, Trollhättan, Bohus, Varberg, Jönköping). Meetings are organized every month and can vary from an interesting lecture, a visit to a member's workplace, a joint lunch or an after-work activity. Our professional development is high on our priority list as well as the possibility to network and share similar problems and solutions to for instance work dilemmas.


There is an opening in the Steering group. If you are interested to becoming our new member, please contact Kristina Fagerholm
We welcome our new members:
Sofia Concalves, Volvo Trucks
Pia Gerhardt, Volvo Trucks
Veronica Arvåsen, Volvo Lastvagnar AB

Events 2019

Autumn 2019

4 December - Christmas Theme, Hotel Gothia Towers. Register here.

Spring 2020
28 January - Ego-talk. Volvo.
26 February Visit Hotel Opera.
23 March Visit Clarion Hotel Post
4 April - Spring Seminar and AGM. Stockholm
22 April - Fashion theme - Dress to Success
25 April - Training Day. Oslo
12 May - Visit Hotel Eggers
Week 24 - Summer Party

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Interested in becoming a member?
Please contact our regional chairman Kristina Fagerholm or follow this link to apply for an IMA membership directly.

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