Executive Assistant Podden

A New Pod is Born

In the Executive Assistant Podden, we meet the world's best colleagues talk about the world's best job.

First out was Marie Åkesson, Executive Assistant to CEO of Systembolaget - and also the winner of Executive Assistant of the Year 2020.

Marie talks about management support at a company that is always in the spotlight, technics to train its propensity for change and also how Marie and her manager have built a successful working relationship, step by step.

Listen here.

Pod Schedule

Week 25: Marie Åkesson, Systembolaget
Week 26: Tove Hellberg, Volvo
Week 27: Ann-Marie Eklund-Löwinder, Internetstiftelsen
Week 29: Sofie Koark, AW Group
Week 31: Elena Aylott, Oriflame
Week 33: Karin Hélène, ESS
Week 35: Jennie Barselius, Eventyr
Week 37: Susanne Canerstam, Mellby Gård

The pod is produced by Företagsuniversitetet together with the IMA, the recruitment company - InHouse, the voice and audio producers - Online Voices and our preferd partner, Nordic Choice Hotels.

You find the pod where you find pods, like Podcaster, Spotify, Acast etc.

Pod Speakers

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