• IMA Sweden

    Focus both on our personal development as well as the future of our profession. We offer trainings both in Sweden and in our International member countries.

    In Sweden we arrange a conference adjacent to our AGM, an autumn seminar, a mentor/mentee program and we are also engaged in different courses related to our profession in cooperation with Företagsuniversitetet.

    If you are interested in our International training please visit IMA.

  • Regional Meetings

    Each region, NorthEastWestSouth) arranges regular activities that focus on professional as well as personal development.

    All regional meetings, training and events can be found under the page Regions.

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  • National Spring Seminar

    is a day filled with lectures, workshops and networking on a theme that is chosen annually.
    The ambition is both to inspire and to learn something new. The theme for 2022 was "Develop your communicative leadership".


  • National Autumn Seminars

    are being held in the regions East, West and South on three different evenings but with the same content. The theme for the seminars are chosen based on our member’s surveys as well as future trends affecting our roles.
    Examples of the last years topics were; Nudging, Social Media, Digitalization, Project Management and SMART goals for assistants.

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  • Mentor-/mentee program

    Is a very important and highly appreciated program where we share best practice and encourage each other to grow in our profession.

    Contact our Training Officer, for more information.

  • World Administrator's Summit

    The World Administrators’ Summit (WASummit) is a global meeting of administrative and office professionals and their associations committed to guiding, influencing and positively developing the profession.


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