Eatery Your Neighbourhood Hero

Our Casual Dining Concept offers well-prepared food, pastries, and delicious drinks in a harmonious atmosphere. With locations in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Lund, and Åre, we provide restaurants, conference facilities, catering, and event spaces. Experience a unique living room ambiance where decor, service and food, seamlessly come together.

As a member of IMA, you enjoy a 30% discount on meetings, 10% on events, and 10% on catering.

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Hotel Riverton logo

Some Words From  Hotel Riverton

Gothenburg’s personalised design hotel

 Hotel Riverton is an independent family owned and operated design hotel located by the waterfront in central Gothenburg. Hotel Riverton offer 210 modern rooms and suites, 6 full-service apartments, two restaurants, one Skybar and one Lobby bar, 17 conference rooms and a Spa & gym.
With personal care and attention to detail in every aspect of our guest´s experience, Riverton has integrated the feeling of comfort, charm, and style combined with excellent food and drink experiences.

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Some words from  I Know a Guy

Hospitality is the core of all services offered by I Know a Guy. We aim to make everyone we meet feel welcome, seen and everyone we meet to feel welcome, seen and unique.
We take pride in providing a comprehensive range of services to meet all of our clients needs. With a holistic approach to office management, we work closely with each of our clients to understand their unique requirements and tailor our services accordingly. 
As a property owner's operating partner for office properties, we are providing comprehensive support and management services. 
Our four welcoming locations in Stockholm offer meeting rooms and event spaces, as well as workplaces and offices. You'll also find Stockholm's most central rooftop terrace, coziest courtyard, and trendiest gym with us.
Let us invite you for a cup of coffee and show you around!

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Villa Fridhem logo

Some words from Villa Fridhem:

Villa Fridhem is a unique place with a royal history from 1909. Only 15 minutes from Norrköping and 90 minutes from Stockholm it’s the perfect location for your conference, meeting, or kick-off. Secluded with a fantastic view over the large park and Bråviken you’ll find a venue that breathes serenity and calm, where a historic atmosphere meets modern meeting technology. Enjoy wonderful environments, unique experiences, gastronomic food and world-class hospitality. 

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Some words from Villa Baro

Villa Baro is an exclusive and very cosy hotel situated by the lake in Åtvidaberg, 30 minutes from Linköping and 2 hours and 20 minutes by train from Stockholm. Villa Baro offers meeting facilities, a 18-hole golf course, yoga, relax, paddle, kayaking, hunting and fishing (crayfish) - great kitchen with locally produced food . All in a very relaxing atmosphere creating energy and harmony in beautiful surroundings.

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Some words from SJ

SJ brings people closer together, every day.

SJ is a Swedish railway company that offers sustainable train travel, both as an independent operator an in collaboration with others. SJ is one of Sweden´s most sustainable brands and is helping Sweden achieve its climate goals. The groups 5400 employees in Sweden and Norway enable lots of people to choose train travel, which is the most sustainable mode of transport for longer journeys.

As the market-leading train operating company, SJ connects Sweden, Norway and is the gateway to Scandinavia´s capitals Copenhagen, Hamburg and Berlin.

SJ is a private limited company owned by the Swedish government and tasked with operating profitable public railway transport.

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Some words from Aveqia

AVEQIA is a unique venue in central Stockholm where corporate groups can gather clients, colleagues and partners for a top-notch interactive cooking experience and meal.
All activities are conducted in our private cooking/dining studios with private chefs for full confidentiality.
We offer both day- and evening activities that can be combined with a workshop or conference on the premises.
We also have a private bar that can be enjoyed after the activity/meal.

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Some words from IDÉ House of Brands

We are the Nordic region's largest supplier of product media and build relationships between people in working life.

Product media is about communicating using products. The products must tell a story, and it is important to us that your story is told correctly. We have been in the industry for 30 years, read more about our story here, and our strength lies in the competence of our employees. We have deliberately chosen to have important functions in-house. As a total supplier of product media, we help you throughout chain from IDÉ, design and concept to production, warehousing and logistics. We have offices in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland, and our project managers are ready to develop product media together with you and your company!

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Some words about Stureplansgruppen

Stureplansgruppen is Sweden's leading company in the hospitality industry. The company was founded in 1996 and has the ambition to always deliver world-class guest experiences.
Some of Sweden's most acclaimed brands are included in our product portfolio, such as Bank and Berns Hotel, Ekstedt, L'Avventura, Lucy’s Flowershop, Sergel Hub, Gamla Riksarkivet, Spesso and many more.
We create unique and first class concepts in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Åre, and Visby.

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Stureplansgruppen loggo
Me+ logotype

Some words about Me +

Many people are successful in their businesses but at a high cost on well-being, stress, rest, family life, etc. On top of that, Swedish culture implies that we should manage everything ourselves.

 We started me+ because we like to support people perform better AND have a better quality of life. me+ offer tailored solutions and ways to get started with little effort focused on each person’s/company’s pain point.

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Some words about The Winery Hotel

”The Winery Hotel is northern europés first combined urban winery and destination hotel. Featuring our own in-house wine production, we offer a fresh take on accommodation, meeting and dining – with a love of fine wine at its heart.

You can expect nothing short of the extraordinary. In addition to our wines from our vineyard in Tuscany, we are developing our own signature wine. As our guest, you have the opportunity to follow the winemaking process from barrel to bottle. In short, we have created a unique meeting place for all wine enthusiasts.”

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The Winery Hotel
Chalmers konferens

Some words about Chalmers konferens

With focus on the students

Chalmers Konferens & Restauranger are part of the corporation group “Chalmers Studentkårs Företagsgrupp” which is owned by Chalmers Student Union. We are present at Chalmers Campus Johanneberg, at Lindholmen Science Park and at Universeum where we operate a number of restaurant-, café-, service units as well as two conference centres.
Our profit us reinvested towards our owners, the students. By doing that we improve the everyday life of the student by serving healthy and nice food at a good price, provide service and a wide variety of activities at campus.

Reliability, service with a personal touch and with a great passion for what we do, that is how you recognise us.

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Some words from 1910 Event

1910 Event is a part of Malmö FF and we are the venue for people who wants to meet, build winning teams and to achieve common goals. Eleda Stadion, the spectacular football and event arena in the heart of Malmö, is our home ground. Here you will find all you need for a successful meeting, a great party or a creative fair. Our event team is waiting for your call!

Welcome to Malmö FF and 1910 Event!

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1910 Event
Blick Meetings Logo

Some words from Blick Meetings

"Blick Meetings is the sustainable event agency based in Stockholm, Sweden. Our core business consists of three areas: booking, participant administration and project management. We can help you with the full event process from the initial idea and concept to execution and conclusion, or simply relieve you in selected areas of the event planning. Our aim is to be a complement in areas where your company might lack sufficient resources internally", says Antonio Inestal, CEO at Blick Meetings.

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Some words from Villa Brunnby

"Välkommen till Villa Brunnby som ligger vackert beläget på idylliska Kullahalvön mellan Arild och Mölle. Villa Brunnby bjuder på en fantastisk utsikt över böljande betesmarker, månghundraåriga ekar och en av Sveriges största vingårdar.

I huvudbyggnaden finns ca 38 rum, 80 bäddar, 4 möteslokaler och Restaurang Amber. Till säsongen/vintern  2022/2023 kompletterar vi med 16 nybyggda lägenheter i våra svithus samt ett underbart spa-område med 450 kvm spa inomhus och 450 kvm spa utomhus.

Välkommen till dagar att minnas!"

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Best Western Hotels & Resorts

"IMA är ett fantastiskt nätverk där vi, som Business Member, får möjligheten att träffa företagens chefsassistenter som ofta är navet och en viktig person i våra affärsrelationer. Via era månadsträffar, event och företagsbesök lär vi känna varandra på ett naturligt sätt och skapar fina relationer som är viktigt och betydelsefullt för båda parter" , says Jessica Blysing, Best Western Hotels & Resorts.

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Skånska Möten

Elin Moritz about to be a Business Member i IMA: ”Att få träffa starka, framgångsrika och otroligt sympatiska kvinnor flera gånger per år är en ynnest. Sedan jag gick med som Business Member i IMA har det gett mig otroligt mycket - Både nya härliga relationer, kunskap och affärer.
Våra träffar är alltid otroligt givande, inspirerande och fyllda av värme. Nätverkande när det är som bäst!

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Kosta Boda Art Hotel

A cristal clear meeting experience

The Glass hotel in Småland offers experiences for all the senses - with glass as a common thread.

Enjoy the art, the food and the 5-star spa area; with an art glass exhibition - underwater!
The hotel is uniquely decorated by Kosta Boda's world-renowned designers - there is art for SEK 50 million - and everything is for sale!

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Siggesta Gård

Always with  passion and consideration for your well-being.
A top-class boutique hotel that opened its first hotel rooms in the autumn of 2013. The hotel now consists of six houses, 39 rooms and 89 beds, all in unique environments that have either been renovated or are newly built.
All rooms are furnished as a bedroom rather than hotel rooms. We want you to feel at home. All details are carefully thought out with a focus on durability and enjoyment. Unique premises for all types of meetings & events, which offer privacy and exclusivity.
All with passion for our guests!
Hand-picked with care and focus on details. Then add a wonderful outdoor environment with hiking trails, open landscapes, sustainable environment, health and great food.
Siggesta Gård offer the room rent when you book the BUSHCRAFT activity.

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