Friday 13 May - Friday 13 May

Welcome to IMA Spring Seminar and Annual Meeting

In Swedish


Welcome to IMA Spring Seminar and Annual Meeting

Where: Quality Hotel 11 in Gothenburg Sweden

When: 13-14 May

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Carin Hjulström
Photographer: Emmy Jonsson

Welcome to IMA Spring Seminar and Annual Meeting

Venue: Quality Hotel 11 in Gothenburg, Sweden

May 13 we are ready in Gothenburg to offer you an inspiring and developing day filled with energy. The theme of this year seminar is "Develop your communicative leadership".

We are happy to have the writer and Swedish TV- and radio host, Carin Hjulström, as the moderator for the day. Not only will we hear Carin talk about her writing, but we will also listen to four other fantastic inspiring speakers.
There is one coach, a global business leader, a writer and educator as well as a musician from the Gothenburg Opera.

The day will be about:

  • Self-leadership
  • How you communicate your brand
  • Your professional presence
  • How you influence others
  • Do you think about your body language?
  • What different ways are there to communicate within a company and what do we do when everything goes wrong?
  • What does our plan B look like?

We end the day with a festive dinner and great entertainment.

For IMA members, the annual meeting will be held on May 14 at the same hotel.

We hope to see you in Gothenburg this spring.

The last date for registration is  April 30.

The event will be in Swedish, except for one of the speakers that will speak English.

To reach more information at the event and take part in the agenda and our speakers: click here

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08.00-09.00Registrering och nätverkande med sponsorerna

09.00 Start och välkommen

Kristina Fagerholm, IMA West
Maria Cirillo, IMA Sweden
Ulrika Tuneld, IMA West
Carin Hjulström, Moderator

Det börjar med dig själv
Mikael Persson, Mikael Persson utveckling AB

10.30-10.55 Paus och nätverkande

Assertive communications:
Professional presence for positive effects

Shelagh Donnelly, Exceptional EA

12.30-13.30 Lunch

Kommunikativt ledarskap
Stefan Lorentzson, Volvo Lastvagnar AB

15.05-15.30Paus och nätverkande

Att våga skriva
Carin Hjulström

Plan B eller vad händer när allt går fel?
Daniel Olmarker, GöteborgsOperan

Sumering och tack
Carin Hjulström

ca 17:15Avslutning

18.30 Fördrink för dig som anmält dig till middagen på kvällen

19.00 Middag för dig som anmält dig





Mikael Persson, Mikael Persson utvecklings AB
It all starts with yourself. It doesn't matter if you're a manager, assistant, cleaner or hockey player.

To lead is to lead the way. In the world we live in today, there are great opportunities to develop and develop. How do you best lead yourself?


Shelagh Donnelly, Exceptional EA
Assistants often excel at advocating for others and taking care of colleagues’ needs. We sometimes aren’t as effective at speaking up for ourselves, whether it’s saying “no”, highlighting our contributions, negotiating deadlines or opportunities, and more.

We can all influence how satisfied we are in our careers by paying attention to our verbal and nonverbal communication skills, and how our communications impact others. We’ll look at positive body language and use of words that support, rather than diminish, perceptions of our expertise.

When we speak up effectively and professionally, we also reduce opportunities for misunderstandings and frustration. Developing your communication skills is a win: win for both you and your stakeholders.


Carin Hjulström
Do you dream of becoming a writer? Communicate your story. Telling others about your thoughts and ideas can be scary, but also exciting and very rewarding. Carin shares how she dared to step up and how it happened.


Photographer: Emmy Jonsson


Stefan Lorentzon, Volvo Trucks AB
Stefan will talk about the value of communicative leadership, regardless of strategy, culture, or structure. If you don't communicate correctly, inclusively and with commitment, there won't be much of the communication. Stefan will present his experiences based on facts and statistics. He will also provide tips & tricks via specific communication effects (boomerang, ketchup, and cobra effect).


Daniel Olmarker, GöteborgsOperan
PLAN B: What do we do when technology malfunctions?

When technology fails, we need to quickly have a plan B. Daniel gives concrete tips on how we can use an invisible communication without text and image.

How can we embrace the musical tricks without music? What pitfalls are there and how wrong can it be? Does a dialect have an impact?