• Personal Membership

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    This membership we welcome you as a personal member.

    For 2023 the fee is 1400 SEK.

  • Business Membership

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    This membership we welcome companies as we usually work with (e.g. hotel chains, stationary suppliers, travel agencies, recruiting firms etc.) and trainers, speakers, HR consultants etc. in our network.

    For 2023 the fee is 5000 SEK.


Benefits for you and your company when you are a member of IMA

  • Have access to an excellent contact and information bank
  • Find many shortcuts to a solution of professional problems
  • Take advantage of your Assistant’s new skills developed in IMA conferences, seminars and workshops
  • Get help in recruiting new employees with recommendations and references
  • Find new business contacts through IMA contacts and network
  • Take advantage of new ideas and experiences in the profession
  • Have an even more creative and flexible assistant A multi-skilled, well-informed and motivated Assistant with access to a multinational, efficient, professional network will save the Manager time, allowing him/her to focus more on strategic and tactical management challenges for the success of both themselves and the Company.
  • Encourage and support your Assistant to develop as an office professional. The resulting new skills and knowledge gained will also benefit you and your Company