• As a member of IMA Sweden you have the following benefits:

    • Swedish Network meetings     

    • International Network of colleagues  

    • Cooperation with our Business members and international Business partners  

    • Have access to the Association website (this members section)

    • Have access to the Membership database

    • Access to a closed Facebook group and our LinkedIn group

    • Participate in custom-made Training Programs

    • Participate in the International AGM and Annual Conference organized by different National Groups  

    • Have up-to-date information regarding different profession and job-related developments

    • Participate in our Swedish seminars and AGM   

  • From Företagsuniversitetet

  • From Choice Hotels


  1. From Företagsuniversitetet

    • 15% at Vidgade Vyer   
    • 10% at Masterclass for Executive Assistants (not for the London part of the course)  
    • 10% at Executive Assistant 2025  
    • 15% at Professional Master for Executive Assistants