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Evelina Morvai
Evelina Morvai

In the Executive Assistant podcast, we meet the world's best colleagues in conversations about the world's best jobs. Meet Evelina Morvai, department coordinator at the Office of the Secretary General (GSK) at the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Evelina, based in Copenhagen, talks about Nordic politics, high staff turnover and the vision that the Nordics should be the world's most sustainable and integrated region.

The Executive Assistant podcast is produced by the Business University together with the network IMA - International Management Assistants, the recruitment company Inhouse, the voice and sound producers Online Voices and Nordic Choice Hotels.

The podcast is produced by Företagsuniversitetet together with IMA Sweden, the recruitment company InHouse, the voice and sound producers  Online Voices and Nordic Choice Hotels.

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Monica Ohlsson, Barncancerfonden


Therés Westrin, Telia
Viktoria och Tobias, Student Consulting
Shelagh Donnelly, Thought-leader
w. 45: Evelina Morvai, Nordiska Ministerrådet
w. 41: Mona Rognlien Elgvin, Strawberry
w. 27: Kerstin Lindholm och Joachim Nordin, Skellefteå Kraft AB
w. 21: Lina Bonnevier, Assa Abloy
w. 18: Johanna Dahlgren, psychologist and course leader
w. 15: Christina Magnusson, Bridgepoint
w. 13: Executive Awards jury
w. 5: Cecilia Florén, Lindab Group
w. 2: Maria Riscado, Volvo Group Truck Operations


w. 49: Jeanette Fors-Andrée, krishanterare
w. 46: Mikaela Lilliesköld, Xylem
w. 43: Katarina Parneby, Ledningssamordnare
w. 40: Louise Lind, Ledarutvecklare
w. 37: Eva Jalex, CGI
w. 32: Katarina Nyström, Klarna
w. 26: Åsa Tassdal, Virtea
w. 24: Else-Britt Lundgren, BioArtic AB
w. 23: Laila Anani, Pop House Entertainment Group


w. 51: Nina Aunula, IMA & Outokumpu Oyi
w. 50: Yassin Koleilat, ABB
w. 46: Maria Cirillo, Skogsindustrierna
w. 44: David Åberg, Moderna Kompetenser
w. 41: Laura Belgrado, Mars Inc.
w. 39: Jackie Danielsson, E.ON Sverige
w. 37: Susanne Canerstam, Mellby Gård
w. 35: Jennie Barselius, Eventyr
w. 33: Karin Hélène, ESS
w. 31: Elena Aylott, Oriflame
w. 29: Sofie Koark, AW Group
w. 27: Ann-Marie Eklund-Löwinder, Internetstiftelsen
w. 26: Tove Hellberg, Volvo
w. 25: Marie Åkesson, Systembolaget

The podcast is produced by Företagsuniversitetet together with IMA, the recruitment company InHouse, the voice and sound producers  Online Voices and Nordic Choice Hotels.

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