The World Administrators´ Summit (WASummit) Frankfurt, 24-25 October 2018


The World Administrators’ Summit (WASummit) is a global meeting of administrative and office professionals and their associations committed to guiding, influencing and positively developing the profession.

The WASummit has convened nine times since 1992 and is a 2-day working session that takes place every third year. In 2018 the Summit is hosted by IMA. There are currently 25 countries being represented. It provides the international platform for peer-to-peer discussion regarding relevant topics that potentially impact those working in the administrative profession. The outcomes from each Summit form a World Action Plan with goals entitled Administra Read More Here

Please see more info at the WASummit webpage

Delegates From Sweden

Representing administrative/office professionals from Sweden are;

  • Karin Hélène

    Senior Executive Assistant at European Spallation Source, Regional Chairperson of IMA Sweden South and Board member of IMA Sweden

  • Sofie Koark

    Group Executive Assistant at Academic Work, Training Officer of IMA Sweden and Board member of IMA Sweden

The Content of the Summit

  • Research reports by the WASummit Advisory Council Teams from 2015 on three topics will be presented;

  • 1. International Credentialing

    2. International Position Titles

    3. International Networking

  • Each report come with a conclusion and a set of recommendations. During a plenary session, agreement will be reached as to whether these recommendations are accepted, amended or discarded. Every country has one vote.

At the Summit four new topics for 2018 will be discussed

  • 1. Workplace harassment – How do we manage this?

    You can read more here about this important topic which has also been in focus the last year due to the #metoo movement.

  • 2. Identity and image of our profession – How can we enhance these?

    Professional identity is the concept which describes how we perceive ourselves within our occupational context and how we communicate this to others. A positive professional image is essential to a successful career.

  • 3. Consistent position descriptions and career pathways

    To succeed in any role & creating engagement we need clear and current job descriptions, development plans and career pathways.
    Having the right prerequisites will enhance professional growth.

  • 4. Digital technology advances – The future of the role

    Digitation, technology and AI are impacting our profession and we need to understand the development and adapt our mindset and skills.
    You can read more here .

The delegates will also present a report about Technology in the 21st Century, as it relates to Sweden.

To be able to speak for Sweden’s administrative/office professionals the delegates will prepare by undertaking own research, gather information and hold discussions.

You can find the agenda and the reports from 2015 here

Make Your Voice Heard

We want to hear from as many administrative/office professionals in Sweden as possible.
Don’t waste this great opportunity to impact the outcome of the summit and make your voice be heard.


If you are an administrative/office professional working in Sweden, please answer this survey before September 30, 2018. Please click here to open the survey.

Thank you for contributing to The World Administrators’ Summit & the development of our profession!

Delegates at the WASummit


1. Angola 2. Australia 3. Canada 4. Denmark 5. France 6. Germany 7. Greece 8. Ireland 9. Italy 10. Liberia 11. New Zealand 12. Nigeria 13. Norway 14. Papua New Guinea 15. Romania 16. Russia 17. South Africa 18. Spain 19. Sweden 20. Switzerland 21. Trinidad & Tobago 22. Turkey 23. Uganda 24. UK 25. Ukraine 26. USA